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Write Now…Edit Later


Please enjoy the following guest post from author Marie Catalfamo.

Marie is a fiction writer with interests in mysteries and exploring the myths and lore of her Italian heritage.  A native of the North East, Marie is a contributing author of First Thursdays, a collection of short stories by member of the writer’s group Somerset Ink.


Write Now…Edit Later

I began talking at nine months (or so I’ve been told) and haven’t stopped since. When I began writing my thoughts came out unedited and with no target in mind. I took some writing classes and began to inhale the various “rules” – find your voice, who’s your target audience, what’s the theme, plot, premise, etc. I began experimenting with various methods: make a pyramid (intro, conflict, resolution), work out an outline, give characters a background, research time period, speech, etc.

The one echo that kept running through my mind from these classes was write, write, write! Did I listen? Of course not; I began analyzing every paragraph, sentence, word. I asked everyone in my writer’s group what worked for them. I became a tree killer with endless repeat first starts. Finally I hit the plateau that gave me an excuse – writer’s block. Anytime someone asked me what I was working on I could proudly answer, “right now I have writer’s block”.

 I finally realized that for someone who must communicate in person (no Facebook, Tweets; emails satisfy my addiction for physical contact) I needed to write as I speak – just let it out. In real life, as a result, I sometimes have to go back and apologize for my words or actions. The beauty of writing is I can let my words simmer and then go back and edit.

Well, the above may not give anyone much insight into writing, but I feel a heck of a lot better.

I hope you enjoyed Marie’s contribution and find it fosters the flow of some fresh creativity.  Please feel free to comment on what Marie had to share and ask her any questions you may have.

Look for future guest posts from Marie and more of my favorite writers here at Writer’s Block.