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About Me


Several years ago, I was charged with writing a detailed profile of myself.

Easy right?

Sure, no problem.

I listed my favorite color, foods, type of music, favorite quote, what animal I would be, what my best friend would say about me…you get the picture.

I answered all the questions opened and honestly, then wrote a short summary of who I am.

I talked about all the things I thought were most important. And somewhere in there, watered down by all the other “most important things”, was the fact that I am totally right-brained.

I think I wrote it like this…

“I’m a right-brained thinker who can not add with a calculator but dreams in 3D – HD – surround sound.”

What I didn’t realize was that if I wanted anyone to truly know the most important thing about my personality I would have needed to underline, bold and highlight that statement.

If I was to be honest about the most important relationships in my life, I would have to admit that they were either successful or disastrous depending upon the level of understanding and acceptance my counterpart had for my right-brain.

When it comes to me, there is no “point” or “bottom line”.  Everything turns into a short-story-long…even a shopping list turns epic. So it is no surprise I have become a writer.

My first published piece was in the Washington Post…the Washington Elementary School Post that is. I was in the third grade and wrote a story called the The Swamp Monster of Washington School.

As an adult my published works have been non-fiction. The editor of a national magazine I was writing for once complimented me by saying that I had a unique ability to put a new spin on old topics…that was my niche.

On the other hand, in a rejection letter from a publisher I once queried for a piece of fiction I submitted, I was told that I had a fresh new idea but not a unique enough voice. I took it as a compliment because it was an actual handwritten comment from a publisher. And it was a truthful one, which I have been struggling with ever since.

Inspiration…no problem. I see stories everywhere. For me they are in the simple truths of everyday life.

Personal Voice…a struggle. I didn’t really need a publisher to tell me that my fiction didn’t have a unique quality.

I may have given up on writing fiction but the stories and characters filling my brain wouldn’t let me.

So I kept at it. I kept writing and writing, setting goals along the way , which led me to my first published story One Act: Papa’s Trees. Ok, so I self published it as an e-book for Kindle, Nook, Sony®Reader, and Apple’s iBookstore, but it’s published and I’m excited about it.

And I’m excited about this site.

I have created it as a place to grow and share.

To learn and connect with other writers and readers.

Most of all its a place for the right-brain to be understood and valued.

So, that’s my story.

What’s yours?


Welcome to my first post!


Wow you’re here! I’m so glad.

I can’t wait to spend some virtual time with my fellow right brain thinkers.

Inspiration and learning is everywhere…I hope together we find some here as well.

Happy Writing!